The Spring Feasts were fulfilled in Jesus/Yeshua at His first coming. He was the Passover Lamb, the Unleavend Bread, and the FirstFruit from the grave. These all occur within one week of the calendar, and Early FirstFruits is the day we call Resurrection Sunday. Latter FirstFruits occurs some 50 days later and is what we call Pentecost (in Hebrew, Shavuot), and it was on that Feast Day that the Church was born with the giving of the Holy Spirit as a down-payment of salvation and for indwelling empowerment.

Ironic that God chose to birth His Church on a Feast day, but the churches became so opposed to them. There is a whole history to that tragic development. As a result, we lost important context to communion and a whole host of other life-giving understandings.

What about the fall Feasts? Jesus/Yeshua will fulfill the Fall Feasts in their fulness at His Second Coming. You see, the Feasts of the LORD are prophetic. They were all prophetic to those before Jesus/Yeshua’s arrival. Now we look back at the Spring Feasts, seeing them fulfilled in Messiah. We look to the Fall Feasts, as prophetic for His fulfillment in the future. We can have immense confidence He will fulfill all the Feasts in Himself (at His return), because He has already demonstrated fulfillment of the first four.

Here’s a gem for you. One of the Hebrew words for the Feasts of the LORD is miqra'. It means ‘dress rehearsal’. A dress rehearsal for when Messiah would fulfill each one the Feasts at the "appointed time” … which is also another Hebrew word for Feast … mow’ed. A dress rehearsal (miqra’) for an appointed time (mow’ed) of fulfillment. It appears God has a day-timer and His Feasts are firmly established within it. After all, He was very clear to the Jewish people when they were to be celebrated.

What I would like to leave you with, however, is a word on Passover. Passover provides an incredible context to our relationship with Jesus/Yeshua. Passover actually speaks of a great Promise, not only of salvation from sin, but also a promise of His return. Would you be interested in hearing about that?

Join us this Wednesday evening (April the 8th) for a live-streamed Passover gathering that will bring a whole new meaning to why we observe it in remembrance of Him ...