Our spirit is eternal and so is the word of God. Take encouragement from His word, which is clear that we are all knit together with one another, as followers of Jesus/Yeshua, by His Spirit. 

His Kingdom is also eternal and forever. It is no less in operation right now, regardless of the fact that we are separated in the natural world from one another ... for the time being anyway. We are still able to call one another, email, text, FaceTime, Skype and ZOOM, so use any and all of these means to speak the LIFE of God to others, during this time of physical separation. And don't forget ... we also have a supernatural means for communication, by the Spirit of God in prayer.

While there is a reality of difficulty and suffering, of which we must stay aware, we have an eternal word of blessing that transcends this natural world, the world system, and the fallout of sin. Jesus IS alive. His resurrection proved His ability to rise above both natural and spiritual death. For those who believe and trust in Jesus … He literally is the Way, the Truth and the LIFE. He defeated death and overcame this world system, which is bent on enslaving us physically and spiritually. You and I become over-comers when we place our trust in Him, because He first overcame. And we WILL overcome this! The Scriptures tell us that He was the first-fruit from the grave … and that we, in turn, will also be a type of first-fruit from the grave, when we are alive in Him.

While I look forward to the day when we will all be gathered together physically, this 'stay at home' experience has taught me how beautiful and eternal the Kingdom of God really is. There is nothing that can stop it. Even if the world-system were to try and take all gatherings away, I still know so many of your hearts, that I am able to connect with you in the Spirit (as He leads), pray for you and ask the Father to speak words of encouragement to you, by the very same Spirit that lives within me. How incredible is that! It's like a spiritual texting service. The more awesome thing is that He edits our texts and provides even a better word of blessing for us all.

Prayer is eternal, because it flows from one eternal spirit (you and I) to the Father, by the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus/Yeshua. And God has every intention of passing on encouragement from one brother or sister to another. 

"Jesus ... please speak words of comfort and empowerment to my parents today."

This provides a whole new understanding of prayer, to see how it transcends the natural world and all its limitations. Ask Jesus to provide a word fitly spoken to those around you. 

Because the Kingdom of God is eternal, God has innumerable ways of getting His LIFE-giving word out. So, whether we still have a voice to speak, or whether we have our voice taken away, we have an eternal avenue to make a difference ... Prayer in and through the Spirit of the Living God!

"Lord Jesus … we ask of You to teach us to pray without ceasing, during this time in which we find ourselves. May a new life-style, of accessing the eternal nature of the Kingdom and ALL its LIFE, begin to shape every move we make … that we might make it in You!"

I have desired for the Father to open my eyes to new and wonderful things during this time of uncertainty. Seeing the eternal nature of everything (in greater detail) has left me in awe. These are things I deeply ponder in my heart. We are all just a prayer away from one another, for the Spirit of the Living God indwells all who place their trust in the LIFE of His salvation through Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah. His shed blood on our behalf has opened a doorway into an eternal life that transcends the natural order of things. 

"Oh Lord, show us even greater things, and give us deeper insight into Your ways!"

For me, it has taken a needed ‘disconnection from the Matrix’ to see this more clearly. I am so thankful for it.

Let’s stay connected InOurHomesTogether ...