There is a place called the ‘holy-tension’ where much of our change will happen. In this case it’s the holy-tension of what I need to ask and what I need to do.

I just focus on my Point Of Need. I am not sure what I will need later today or tomorrow. But I can often see what I need right now. And the first thing is to invite Jesus to speak to the situation. I invite Him into what is going on. I want to get His Point Of View for my Point Of Need.

Genuine change—however— doesn’t tend to occur if we fail to recognize we need change. If you find yourself wondering if there is anything in your life that needs change, that may be your Point Of Need. Ask your Heavenly Father in Jesus' name. Then follow the first request with a second … that you may be granted the sight to perceive His answer.

An apprentice of Jesus will ask for assistance when they do not know what to do next. Imagine an electrical apprentice "winging it” when wiring a building, instead of asking the Master Electrician for assistance. The unfolding of our daily life—in one way—can be viewed as easily as this.

So here we go …

1. Ask Jesus to reveal whatever needs transformation in our lives.
2. Ask for the ability to see and hear what He is saying.
3. When identified … invite Jesus into those issues so that a pathway toward change can be established.

It’ll be a good start ...