However, it is rather easy to slip into our own efforts to interpret things instead of letting the Spirit of God simply lead us into and through what it is He at work doing. There is a holy tension that is always there, between seeing what God is doing and what we ourselves need to do, as part of the process. While there are many debates that rage over what we should do and what God alone can do, I believe that the old proverb … “losing the the forest for the trees” … makes an important point.

Context is very important. We mustn’t lose sight that the details of our lives all take place within a larger story that God is telling. A story that is unfolding in front of us, and yet, has been written out in God’s Word … the Bible. He has revealed the end from the beginning. He will wrap up the story (His-Story) will great glory and justice and the Utopia so many attempt to create on earth … in their own strength.

We have a place in this grand story. The one that ends so wonderfully. A unique role has been written for us, by God Himself, right into the larger story He is unfolding.

I am going to be posting some thoughts about this epic, in the days ahead. I hope you will find them helpful and encouraging.

The Father’s Blessings upon you all!