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The Moriah Foundation’s training program provides training in the integration of faith and sound psychological principles. When a program is developed that focuses on the healing of the soul, concerns are raised by both pastoral leaders, and psychological practitioners. These concerns have been taken seriously in the development and revisions of this program.

The current training program has been designed based upon 17 years of observation and feedback. It is carried out through an Apprenticeship Format. This Apprenticeship Format consists of two, three-month intensive studies (September - November & February - April) and applied co-facilitation.

The fall sessions focus on integrating faith and psychological principles with the development of a healing-theory. The spring sessions include both class sessions and co-facilitation of groups. Class focus is on integrating healing-theory with practical application into the lives others.

Each set of class sessions last nine-twelve weeks each.


Many people who have taken the Lay Counselor training programs found out very quickly how much it had to do with their own personal healing work. The year of training and experience ended up becoming a year of personal growth. This is actually the greatest benefit for taking the training. We can only lead others as far as we have grown ourselves.

In addition to the benefit of personal growth, each participant will get a chance to learn an integrated process of healing that provides a foundation for a life-long walk with God that makes sense, intuitively, spiritually and psychologically.


Registration is a simple, but a multi-stage process.
  1. First, send us an email regarding your interest in the training. Remember that the training program starts each September. You may be added to a waiting list until registration begins for the new training session.
  2. When the new training sessions are about to begin you will be sent/given a password that will unlock the ability to download the forms required for admission to the program. These forms include the Lay Counselor Application and the Letter of Referral. Upon completion of these forms, we will schedule you to take a Personality Inventory, which must be taken on-site for inventory security.
  3. Upon completion of the application process, you will be notified of your admission status upon our review of all materials.


LCT Cover Letter

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LCT Application

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LCT Referral Letter

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LCT Cover Letter

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LCT Application

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LCT Referral Letter

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